BrandTraits is a creative and brand consultancy, not a research consultancy, although skillful research is sometimes encouraged to gain new insight. More often, clients come looking for ideas, insights, and catalysts to provoke new thinking, or to help ask the right questions to ensure their brand gets the market advantage it deserves. If copywriting is the deliverable, it will be consumer-driven and brand-reinforcing.

Brand consulting is immersion work. We will ask the right questions and make the right connections. These insights happen both in boardrooms and in showers. Daily or weekly engagements ensure that you are buying a full-time, full-thinking consultancy.

For most assignments, an hourly rate, day rate, or project rate is provided along with an estimate of the number of days to completion. Specific deliverables are outlined clearly in advance.

Specialties include:

  • Brand Strategy and Message Development
  • Brand Vision Discovery
  • Communications Planning
  • Strategic Copywriting; brand promises, advertising, brochures, digital media, etc.
  • Focus Group Moderation/Team Leadership
  • Qualitative/Quantitative Brand and Product Research; Consumer tracking, segmentation, communications testing, etc.